When considering HR and its application to various businesses, several subtle nuances or grey areas may need consideration.

While rules and regulations often necessitate a black-and-white approach, there are instances where adopting a more flexible mindset can prove beneficial in navigating HR practices within a company — these are areas where we can create shades of grey.

These shades of gray extend to a business’s position in its HR journey. Whether it’s a newly established venture with a limited workforce or a more mature organization with a larger staff and stricter compliance requirements, the approach to HR will naturally vary. This variance is also evident in where a company stands within The Elevate Results Phased HR Maturity Model, which influences the extent and nature of HR support needed.


The initial steps might involve basic groundwork to ensure that foundational HR elements are in place.

This could entail assessing existing tools, processes, and policies to identify areas for enhancement. Furthermore, providing training and guidance to leaders and managers becomes essential in ensuring organizational compliance and alignment.

Elevate Results Phased HR Maturity Model

Each business occupies a unique position, resulting in distinct HR needs and priorities. Our team adopts a thorough approach, gathering information, asking pertinent questions, and reviewing current practices to tailor our services accordingly. Through strategy sessions, we assess the existing HR landscape, gauge its maturity level, and determine areas for further development.

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